Ann Eddington

While in Cuba, Ann was strongly drawn to the unaffected faces of the Cuban people. Feeling that so much of the world has become a single global culture, she feels that countries sitting outside that monolith are especially prized places to be experienced. Cuba is definitely one of those places; it is on the verge of big change. Ann feels privileged to have been there and to have photographed the people and places of Cuba on eve of what is to come. Ann is a graphic designer, photographer and an artist who works in fused glass. Her design work explores the relationship between order and chaos through the use of color and space.


Liane Freeman

Liane Freeman has had a varied career in the private and public sectors, spanning education and the energy and software industries.  She currently works at the Krause Center for Innovation, at Foothill College. Travel has always been a significant part of her life; she enjoys exploring different countries, getting to know a culture through its history, art, and architecture. Liane appreciates photography as an art form, and the chance to experience Cuba with a group of photographers was too good to pass up.  The trip to Cuba gave her the chance to focus on a sense of place and to observe and appreciate how Cubans spend their time and live their lives.


Allen Gary

Allen is currently active in a research program that centers on three Harris brothers who, along with their sister, went to Havana, Cuba in 1900 to start the successful Harris Brothers Department Store. Allen is a scientist with the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Before joining the university and undertaking historical research, Allen was involved in space science with NASA. His research with NASA and the university included studying and measuring the solar magnetic field from ground and orbiting observatories and photographic ultraviolet observations from space. Allen has a lifelong interest in art; his main genre is pen and ink drawing.

Julia Gary

Julia Gary earned a B.A. degree in history and education from Georgia State University, and a photography certificate from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has attended photography workshops in both fine art and professional photography and has been an art instructor in photographic arts.

Various themes have appeared in Julia’s professional work, but her work tends to accentuate the shadows of architectural forms, the beauty of landscapes, the elements of nature, the sharp contrasts of the desert, and the individuality of portraits. The artistic expression is based on a priority of contrast controls and tonal values emphasizing the effect of light on abstract structures, along with the understated beauty of humanity. Julia’s major genre is gelatin silver prints. Each photograph is hand-processed beginning with film development and printing the final image. She has presented her work in over 35 juried exhibitions throughout the southeastern United States. Some of these exhibits include: the New Orleans World’s Fair of 1984, Southeastern Regional Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, The Meridian Museum of Art, Agnes Scott College, and The Bascom Center for Visual Arts. Gary’s photographs have received various awards.


Deborah Hayes

Deborah Hayes earned a degree in Communicative Disorders and spent her career working with children in the public school system.  She began exploring photography as a second career path in 2007 at Foothill College where she focused on the digital tract.  Her joy is working collaboratively with the subjects she photographs, whether it be in a formal studio setting or on top of a mountain.  It is the process of taking pictures and engaging subjects that enriches her life, and she hopes, the lives of those she photographs as well.


Ron Herman

Ron Herman received his BFA and Certificate in Art History from the University of Cincinnati.  After receiving his MFA in photography from the University of Notre Dame, he worked in commercial photography and photographed for Polo Ralph Lauren and Spiegel.

Ron’s work is exhibited internationally and included in such permanent collections as the Fototeca de Cuba; Kinsey Institute; Snite Museum of Art; and the South Bend Regional Museum of Art.  He has lectured on his work and digital imaging technologies at Cornell, Stanford, and Yale universities.  Ron has taught in Cuba, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Peru, and Spain. An award-winning educator, he is the Chair of the Photography Department at Foothill College, where he has been teaching since 1997.


Bob Hills

Bob Hills works as a contracts administrator in the customer service department for a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in San Jose. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in metallurgy from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has finished his associate’s degree in photography at Foothill College and he is currently taking courses in the school’s Graphic and Interactive Design department. Bob’s main interest in returning to Cuba was to photograph the ongoing changes in Cuba and the people’s lifestyles.


Le Lu

Le Lu is a Bay Area-based stylist and visual artist.  She received her B.A. in Asian American Studies from San Francisco State University. Through visual art, she explores the common ground of space and people, focusing on simple connections that intersect multiple points in their daily lives.

Le Lu’s curiosity in form and media has allowed her to explore various channels of visual expression. From human hair to photography, she uses personal artifacts to bend light and reality, translating customs and memories into different vessels.  Her constant explorations coexist in parallel realms, a line between fragments of time and identity.


Neeley Main

Neeley Main was born traveling, quite literally. She started at six-months old moving from Taiwan, where she was born, to Washington, D.C. Every few years her family packed up and moved to a different country. She never knows if she is coming or going, but she likes it that way. One thing she does know is that no matter the country, people of every culture, deep down, are the same. Everyone wants the same things from life and everyone experiences more or less the same things: joy, marriage, spirituality, war, fear, freedom, death, etc. This is what she tries to convey through her photography.

Neeley’s award-winning work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. She is in the process of creating a book of the photographs she made on her recent trips to Cuba.


Susan Neville

Susan first visited Cuba in 2010 and was delighted to return in 2012 because she fell in love with the openness of the country’s people, music and dance. Susan exhibited her portraits of Cuba in a juried show at Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco.  Her primary focus is in travel photography, architectural detail and personal portraits. She became interested in photography when her first child was born and this continued to grow along with her family.  She is a group facilitator at Stanford Graduate School of Business and teaches a workshop in Interpersonal Skills for Stanford Continuing Studies. Susan has an MBA from Stanford and a BA in psychology from Brown.


Annabelle Port

Annabelle earned a BA in fine arts from UCLA in the 1980’s with an emphasis on photography and sculpture, and ways to merge the two. The following years were filled with traveling, raising a daughter, and working at the J. Paul Getty Museum.  She went on to earn an AS degree in Horticulture from Foothill College and worked at Filoli Gardens and private estates.  Recently, Annabelle has returned to her creative endeavors, learning ceramics and mosaics, and catching up with the world of digital photography.  This year’s trip to Cuba came at a very transitional time, for Cuba and for Annabelle personally.


Gabrielle Rondell

Gabi began collecting photographic postcards as a child.  She was hooked the moment her father gave her a point and shoot when she was just seven. For the past thirteen years she has been photographing professionally for portrait & event business, as well as, exhibiting personal work around the Bay Area. She has had three solo exhibitions and eleven group shows.  Her work has given her a greater appreciation for the passion and love of photography and travel.

She sees the world through images and moments in time, and tries to capture them on film.  The way light falls on a person’s face, a building or landscape is what she looks for while making a photograph.   Her passion for photography has always brought her back to her 35mm camera; getting lost in the moments she finds beautiful and compelling.


Bill Scull

Bill’s passion is travel photography.  His work focuses primarily on people, the lines that have been written into a face during a long life; the clutter, artifacts or rituals that have built up around the place someone has worked or lived for a lifetime; the care taken when arranging wares at the market; the clothes on the line; shoes at the door; tools on the bench.  He strives to capture that moment when nothing is going on but everything is revealed.  Bill and a fellow photographer offer a series of coastal photo workshops helping participants capture powerful images by focusing on the fundamentals of composition and understanding their camera.  His work has been exhibited in individual and group shows in Los Altos, San Francisco and Havana. A selection of his work can be viewed in his web gallery,  Bill is a frequent photography lecturer for travel companies and completes commercial assignments for tourist organizations.


Joan Sperans

Joan is a prize winning jeweler and metal smith. She taught art in the public schools of Philadelphia and San Mateo, and metal smithing at the college level. She made a mid- life career change to computer science where she worked for 28 years.

Joan now travels throughout the world with her camera so that she may capture the unique, poignant and colorful subjects wherever she goes. She had always wanted to visit Cuba and was rewarded with the country’s vibrant colors, highly creative art scene, the rhythmic music and dance, the food, and of course, the sweet, talented, creative, inventive and industrious people.

She is a docent at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco and serves on the steering committee to develop a mentor program at the Boys and Girls Club of the San Francisco Peninsula. She mentors a 16 year old senior at Sequoia High School in Redwood City who just happens to be passionate about photography.


Timotius Tjahjadi

Timotius enjoys documenting the moments as they unfold organically without intervention. He strives to capture people at their core – their inner beings, their feelings, their emotions. Capturing with eyes alone is not enough. It is what he calls shooting from the heart.

Timotius is passionate about photography as much as he is about technology. He recently received his associate’s degree in photography from Foothill College. His main interests are people and street photography. Timotius Tjahjadi has a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in computer science and a master’s degree in engineering management from Santa Clara University. He is employed in the field of cloud computing and virtualization. Timotius currently works and lives in Silicon Valley.


Lisa Van Dusen

Lisa Van Dusen first immersed herself in photography in high school where her interest in media and journalism emerged.  After a long “snapshot period,” she leaped at the chance to visit Cuba and rekindled her interest in photography. Lisa has long been fascinated by the way words and images work together to tell stories. An “outsider” artist, she enjoys telling stories through various media: drawing and watercolors, collage, improvisation, writing, photography and video interviews.

After helping launch and run two pioneering media outlets, Cable Co-op and Palo Alto Online, Lisa is now a principal at First Person Impact which catalyzes, coaches and connects social innovators and changemakers through Leadership Palo Alto and First Person, a video interview series she created and currently hosts.  Lisa holds an A.B. from Brown University and a certificate in Leading by Design from California College of the Arts. Mother of two young adult sons, she lives in Palo Alto with her husband where she enjoys hiking, yoga, gardening, and working with organizations including the Palo Alto Art Center, Planned Parenthood, Free The Children and others that connect the dots for the better.


Don Wheatley

Don Wheatley began making photographs as a child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied photography in college.  He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in international business and has been working for nearly twenty years in the airline industry.  Don has traveled extensively and had always wanted to visit Cuba.  In 2010 and again this spring, he had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with Professor Ron Herman. Don was struck by the changes that had taken hold in this country in the short time between his two visits. An avid travel photographer, Don found inspiration in the people, architecture, and natural beauty of the Cuban landscape.